Is there any better way to travel than to travel through California on a motorcycle? Traveling on your bike through California gives you an entirely different perspective on this beautiful state. Of course, before you head out to travel to or through California on your bike there are a few things that you need to know.

Safety First

California is pretty strict about helmet laws. When you travel through CA on a bike, you must have a helmet on. If you do not wear a helmet it is very likely that law enforcement will stop you and write a ticket. The fine for not wearing a helmet in California is $250. Safety is a very important consideration when you travel by bike, and a helmet can help to keep you safe.

In 2017, about 5172 people died in motorcycle accidents. While this was a 3% decrease in fatalities from the year before, it is still a profound number of unnecessary deaths. Wearing a helmet, reflective gear, and gear that can prevent injuries should be an essential part of your travel plans.

There is danger everywhere when you are on a bike. Always keep your eye on the road. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are about 5.9 million commercial vehicle operators on the roads in the US. Being aware of who is on the highway next to you will help to keep you safe on your journey. Remember you have to do your part to stay safe.

Know the Rules of the Road

If this is your first trip through California on a bike, be sure that you become familiar with the rules for driving your bike in California. Each state has similar rules for driving but in some instances, the rules can vary widely. Becoming familiar with traffic laws is a great way to ensure you do not break any and spoil your travel plans with the added costs of fines.

It may be tempting to stop at one of the many wineries in California, it is after all the fourth-largest producer of wine products, but be very aware that DUI in California comes with very harsh penalties. Besides, even three glasses of wine can affect your response time and put you at risk. Don’t tempt fate and leave the winery tours for when you have a designated driver to take you around.

One of the rules that are likely different from where you live is that lane splitting is allowed in California. It is not the safest way to travel, but you can split the lane without penalty as long as your speed is up to par and you are not blocking traffic.

Plan Your Travel Route

California has a lot of open highways you can travel on. However, California is also known for incredible traffic jams, especially in and around Los Angeles. Planning your route carefully can ensure that you get to see a lot of the state without spending hours in traffic.

Taking the time to get familiar with what routes are usually full of traffic and which routes provide you the open road space that you crave is a good idea on many counts. You do not want to spend your travel time navigating congested freeways. Plan ahead.

Pack Appropriately

Once you have your route figured out, it is time to pack. Of course, pack light if you are on a bike with limited space. Choose your clothing carefully. Southern California has a temperate climate, but as you move toward northern California things can quickly get chilly. Watch the weather for a few days before you head out and pack accordingly.

Check and Recheck Your Bike

Check your bike to ensure that everything is in good working condition. Whatever repairs you think you may need have them done before you head out. Kick those tires and check the treads to avoid any surprises on the road.

With a few simple steps and a little planning travel to and through California on your bike will be a memorable experience. Enjoy your trip.