Shipping is a significant part of the future success of your business. While you aren’t completely at fault for issues that occur while the items are in transit, the customer may blame you anyway because you’re in charge. Consumers have increased levels of expectation regarding shipping performance. As an entrepreneur, you have to be aware of these things because one mistake could ruin your business. That being said, here’s a look at important information regarding shipping products.

Assess Total Costs

It’s important to figure out your shipping goals before moving forward. The shipping costs are calculated by assessing the speed, weight, destination, and shipping volume. Expedited shipping increases your costs, as well as shipping heavier items. Shipping items across multiple time zones is also expensive. If you plan to ship items domestically and abroad, you may be subject to additional taxes.

Select Your Packaging Method

You’ll need shipping containers that are strong enough to protect the items being shipped. Cardboard is one of the strongest box materials, so it’s encouraged that you use it if you’re shipping large or fragile items. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 16,000 chemical spills occur each year from trains, trucks, and storage tanks, many of whom are transferring materials. Dealing with a scenario like this is one of your worst nightmares as an entrepreneur. Try to use new boxes if you have the financial resources. Relying on used boxes continuously will cause them to break down eventually. Your customer’s items may become lost, damaged, or delayed, which will harm your reputation. If you’re sending light items, you can opt for something inexpensive such as bubble mailers.

Packing Style

Presentation is an important part of shipping goods as well. Using unique internal packing can help your business stand out from the competition. If you’re shipping a lot of fragile items, consider filling in the voids inside the box with foam, bubble wrap, or even old newspaper material. This will help stabilize the items while they are in transit if you’re shipping durable items; consider using paper shreds to fill in the void. Filling the voids with appropriate material is important if you’re using semi-trailers to transport items. According to Mordor Intelligence, the semi-trailer market was valued at over $29 million in 2021 and is projected to reach a value of over $40 million over the next few years.

Secure the Items

Top shipping companies use durable tape that is compatible with moisture. Popular options include duct tape and carton sealing tape. Also, be advised that it’s better to over-tape something rather than only wrapping the corners. It’s important to cover all the seams. Analysts recommend using multiple strips if you’re using shipping containers. According to Pallet One, over $400 billion worth of American trade is exported each year on wood pallets and containers around the World.

Utilize Shipping Software

One of the recent technological advancements that entrepreneurs utilize to improve their business is shipping software. Shipping software has multiple benefits, as it can help lower your overhead costs, improve your margins, and improve your bottom line. Shipping software can help you establish a better connection with your customers by displaying accurate information when completing the transaction. You can maintain full transparency with your customers throughout the entire shopping process. Shipping software also helps streamline all of your orders into one dashboard, which keeps you organized.

Business Insurance

Accidents happen sometimes. However, it’s good to have a plan in place if an emergency occurs. That’s where shipping insurance comes in. Your business will be held liable if a customer has missing items when their package arrives or if their items are damaged while in transit. Shipping insurance protects you in these situations. Handling these issues without insurance leaves your business vulnerable to potential legal fees and also damages your future revenue due to your business’s reputation being damaged.

The shipping industry provides lucrative opportunities. Use these tips to establish your brand.