You have a crucial role in creating a safe and healthy workplace as a boss or entrepreneur. Preventing workplace injuries benefits your employees and protects your business from potential liability and lost productivity. Dive into some actions you can take to decrease the risk of workplace injuries and create a safer work environment. These guidelines will keep your employees safe and demonstrate your commitment to their well-being.

Keep Workspaces and Walkways Clear

One of the most significant ways to decrease workplace injuries is by keeping the areas where your employees are working clear. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the percentage of personal injury trials that go to court is around 4% to 5%. That’s because, most often, the employee can prove that they were injured due to neglect by their employers. Employers and businesses want to avoid going to trial, so they usually try to settle for a lower amount.

All of this can be avoided by either hiring someone to monitor the cleanliness of the building where your workers are operating or ensuring that there are no dangers, like trip hazards, that could lead to an injury.

Provide Safety and Wellness Training

It’s imperative that you train all of your employees adequately to do their jobs. People who don’t know what they’re doing are more likely to cause harm. These injuries can often result in burns, puncture wounds, or broken bones. For example, the top four causes for individuals to undergo bone grafting procedures are improper healing of multiple fractures, fusion to fuse two bones across a damaged joint, regeneration of bone due to disease or injury, and promoting bone healing after the placement of medical devices such as joint replacements.

Ideally, you should have a professional on your staff trained and knowledgeable in safety measures, and they should hold training with everyone working for your company at routine intervals. Most often, there is an initial class and then a refresher that has to occur every six months or year, based on the type of work you’re doing. For instance, a factory employee would require more safety training than someone that works in an office.

Carry Out Regular Risk Assessments

As the owner and entrepreneur of your company, it’s up to you to identify where risks are and find ways to eliminate them. So, you should complete risk assessments frequently. During your checks, it’s also a good idea to review things like your workers’ compensation coverage and any additional insurance you have to protect yourself and your employees.

For example, does your company have Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)? These benefits ensure compensation for the permanent nature of any injury on the job site. If not, consider looking into getting some.

Only Hire Qualified Workers

Hiring the right employees is a crucial step in preventing workplace injuries. It’s essential to look for candidates with the necessary skills, experience, and training to perform their tasks safely. Consider conducting background checks and verifying their previous work history to ensure they have a solid track record of following safety protocols.

In addition, provide clear job descriptions and expectations, and assess their ability to follow safety procedures during the interview process. By hiring employees who prioritize safety, you can help create a culture of safety in your workplace and reduce the risk of injuries on the job.

In conclusion, preventing workplace injuries is a crucial responsibility for any boss or entrepreneur. By taking practical steps such as keeping workspaces and walkways clear, providing safety and wellness training, conducting regular risk assessments, and only hiring qualified workers, you can significantly decrease the risk of workplace injuries and create a safer work environment for your employees. By prioritizing safety and demonstrating your commitment to your employees’ well-being, you can protect your business from potential liability and promote a positive work culture.