While homeownership rates have increased to nearly 65% in the US since the 1940s, it’s not always easy to find that “perfect” home that fits all of your needs and wants in the location where you want to live. After searching and searching the real estate for sale in Whistler or anywhere else to no avail, the ideal of building probably sounds incredibly appealing.

When you build from the ground up you’ll be getting the exact house you want, which is amazing, but with that, you’ll probably learn some tough lessons along the way. By learning from others’ mistakes it can help you avoid the biggest pitfalls.

Design It For Your Future, Not ‘Right Now’

If you’re young and just starting out, you might not be thinking much about the future, but when building your own home it’s really a must. Things might work great when you’re child-free, for example, but once you have a child, or two or three, that all changes. Consider at least a 5- and 10-year perspective when designing to avoid having to make a move sooner than you anticipated.

Research Builder Reviews

One of the most important components of building the house isn’t the home itself but the builder. You’ll probably have at least a few choices so you’ll want to ensure you choose the most reputable available. Most will provide customer testimonials on their website, but obviously, they aren’t going to include anything negative so you’ll want to check reviews elsewhere. If the company is on social media, check for reviews there. You’ll often find all kinds of information on Facebook and review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List along with Google reviews. If you have any family members of friends who’ve used a builder recently, ask them about their experience. Checking for complaints via the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is always a good idea too.

Patience is Essential

What you might think of like a tight schedule is really more of a guideline. Everything is going to take longer than you anticipate, possibly much longer. There are many hurdles that can occur during the process from delays in floor plan approval, building issues, and inclement weather to contractor schedules, and all of it is out of your control. That means patience is key to preventing stress levels from getting too high. 

Save Money Everywhere You Can

Plan on going over your budget, as you will. There are always expenses you haven’t planned for which means it’s important to look for ways to save money everywhere you can. You might want to talk to the builder to find out if choosing a different style or floor plan could help you save, look into discounts for bundling appliances, and purchase remnants of tile and/or carpet to potentially save thousands. You could do some of the work yourself to save a significant chunk too, such as grouting tile, painting, or landscaping. 

Don’t Skimp On Storage

Many people forget about storage options, paying more attention to exciting details like master bath finishes instead. But storage has a significant impact on how well you’ll be able to organize everything in your home. Consider closets, cabinets, shelving, and more. When you don’t have enough storage space that’s one thing that’s likely to end up being a big regret.