Is Your Injury Serious Enough for Urgent Care?

You may have asked yourself at some point if an injury that you sustained while doing a routine activity is serious enough that you need to haul yourself into an urgent care center. You want to protect your health, but you would also like to avoid spending more money than what is absolutely necessary. Also, your insurance may not cover the cost of visiting an urgent care, or the coverage may be so minimal that you have to pay a lot of it out of pocket anyway. What are you supposed to do in these circumstances?

Cost Comparison: Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

The average cost for being seen in the emergency room comes in at $1,354. It is much higher for some people. This compares with just $150 for about half of all urgent care visits. When you realize the massive difference that we are talking about here, you can see why people are more interested in urgent care facilities than ever before.

Accidents happen, and immediate attention may be necessary to protect your health, but that is why urgent care facilities are so important to the lifecycle of many individuals.

Telecare Visits Are Rising

In 2020, the amount of uses of telehealth increased by 50%. Much of this increase was driven by the fact that people were locked up in their homes with nowhere to go. Many doctors’ offices began to require or at least strongly recommend that patients speak with them via a telecommunications platform. Not only that, but there was also a broader acceptance in the public of the technology used to make telehealth work. Thus, it became obvious that this was the route that people would need to take if they were going to get the care that they desired.

The good news about telehealth is the fact that it is so accessible and so affordable. You can log in to see your doctor from anywhere that you are comfortable, and you can potentially get a prescription or some other remedy for whatever it is that is bothering you during that same visit. That is a very big deal because it means that you don’t have to wait long to have your symptoms noted and taken care of. People sincerely appreciate it when they are taken seriously when they report symptoms of an illness or something similar, and that is precisely what can happen when you use telehealth.

Stress Is a Contributing Factor to Many Visits

Here is a shocking statistic that is true: 75-90% of doctor’s visits in the United States are the result of stress. That’s right, people are showing up at their doctor’s office because they are simply burnt out and it is causing adverse impacts on their health. That is how serious and how chronic the stress problem is in the United States, and it is about time that we do something to address this issue. If there are people who can’t handle the things that are going on in their lives, they may discover that they are suffering far more than they normally would.

Stress can attach to other parts of our lives and cause impacts that we did not expect and that we certainly did not want. If you are fearful that you may be spiraling down a path that is hard to bounce back from due to stress, you need to reach out to your doctors and get some help right away. They will do everything in their power to make sure you are able to course-correct and get back to living the kind of life that you want to live once again. You need to be open and honest with what you are going through, and try to remember that the bad times do eventually pass. It might be of little comfort to you right now to hear those words, but they do matter.