If you want to change your career and get into a different one, it’s advisable to pick one in a growing industry. This will afford you a great opportunity to grow in your chosen field and enjoy knowing that you are one of the industry trailblazers. Here are examples of these growing industries to give you an idea of where to search for your next job.

The Automotive Industry

The first industry you could do well in is the automotive industry, which, despite having limited employment growth, has around 69,000 openings projected each year for mechanics and automotive service engineers over the decade on average. If you have a passion for automotive, this will be a plus as you will fit naturally in this new career path. Have a look online at the different roles that you could fit in so that you know where to start your search and what you need to look out for.

Engineering and Architecture

Another growing field is the field of engineering and architecture. This is driven by increasing demand for quality housing for businesses and individuals alike. Keep in mind that you may need to go back to college to learn and polish up some basic skills before you start, but take this in your stride, as you could enjoy rapid acceleration up the ranks if you make an effort and apply yourself. The learning curve may be a bit steep, so begin by preparing yourself mentally for this new and potentially fulfilling career path.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are necessary for the growth and continued relevance of different businesses, brands, corporations, and even individuals. This means that it may be easier than you think to get a job in either of these conjoined industries. If you have a persuasive and welcoming nature, these are two traits that could help you break into these industries and enjoy success. The locksmith industry has an annual growth of around 1.9%, which is fueled by the demand for new homes and production of cars. You can therefore picture how a new locksmith, for example, would need to have their new business marketed widely so they can get into the market.

Information Technology

Everyone knows that the world is headed in a digital direction, and so this means that you could thrive if you got into a career to do with computer and information technology. You should consider switching to this career path if you have a keen interest in anything digital, especially the workings of the backend. For this career, you may also need to learn a course or two and practice to perfect your newly-learnt skills. Remember that there will be constant change in this field and stay prepared to change with the changing times as new needs arise and old ones become obsolete.


The final career to think about switching to is healthcare. If you’re compassionate and feel like you have what it takes to take care of the sick, you will likely do well in this industry. Talk to friends and family and generally network widely so that those close to you know about your switch and they can pass the word around that you are on the market for a job. Remember that while you may come across some job openings online, up to 80% of openings for jobs don’t get posted online. This means that you have a better chance of getting a job fast if you leverage both online and offline methods.

Before you quit your current job, evaluate all the options that you have and do some research to see if you will like the new industry and grow in it. This could help you upgrade your lifestyle and start working in a field that you truly enjoy being in.