Looking for a new job can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. Some are looking for a job because they do not have one. Others are looking for a job because they want to see what other careers are available. They may want a change of pace and look for something more exciting that involves travel. Here are some interesting facts to consider when looking for a new job today.

1. Knowing Someone Inside is Helpful

While many people search online for open positions, employers often scan their current employees to see if they have any friends looking for a job. Applying for a job is quick and easy with online portals. This means that employers may get tons of applications. To make it easy to find appropriate applicants, employers may ask for assistance from their current employees. Some employers find this helpful because their current employees know the culture of the office and who may be a good fit.

2. Your Resume May Not Be Reviewed

It is essential that you understand how a recruiter reviews your resume. Typically, they will spend about six seconds reviewing your resume. They will most likely scan is for specific keywords. The recruiters will also look for how user-friendly your resume is. They look for misspellings and grammatical errors. They may use an application that scans your resume for specific criteria, good and bad. Businesses, both medium and large-sized, use as many as 300 to 400 cloud applications. While a fantastic resume may not get you the job, a bad one may prevent you from getting one. You also want to ensure that your resume aligns with the job position.

For example, if you are interested in a job that involves travel, you want to mention in your resume that you are interested in travel. When you are looking for a job as a police officer, you should know that a 2015 study showed wearing cameras were 25.2% more likely to consider devices helpful during interactions with the public.

3. Job Searches Are Tedious For Everyone

Typically, it can take as long as two months to fill an open position in a job. It is often not fast. This is critical to remember when looking for a job and finding one that you love. You want to take some time to fill out the application and resume perfectly. You do not want to rush into applying for the job and potentially make mistakes that may cost you the job. You want to ensure that your resume is customized for the job you want. Again, most people scan the resume at first, looking for certain criteria to get your application past the first round.

4. An Embarrassing Email Address Will Be Your Doom

Many of us have email addresses that we have used for years. If you are still using the same email address that you created in high school, you might want to change it. You do not want your email address to say things like hot stuff; I hate work or anything else that an employer may deem inappropriate. There are as many as 75% of resumes thrown out of the running because of the email addresses. Another thing to consider is making sure that your email address is spelled correctly. For example, if you have an email address that should be johntravl@domain.com, you want to make sure that you spell the word travel correctly.

When you are looking for a new travel job, you might want to consider a job driving a fully loaded semi-trucks that can weigh 18,000 pounds. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are applying for a new job.