Vitamin E Oil is one of the most sought-after ingredients in the beauty products to transform your skin. While this ingredient has been known to be a beauty enhancer since ages, many people do not really understand what it actually does. Vitamin E is produced naturally in olive oil, avocadoes, and even in our bodies, but is usually named tocopherol for scientific purposes. That is the name you will be looking for if you want to include this magic vitamin in your skincare routine.

Vitamin E is originally an antioxidant. It cleanses your skin deeper than just the surface, and fights off the negative effects of pollution and germs, while minimizing the appearance of your dark spots. However, if your skin breaks out very easily and reacts to most products, you would want to keep your vitamin E usage in check with a skin specialist.

Ways How Vitamin E Can Transform Your Skin

1- Combine It With Your Sunscreen

Vitamin E oil or serum is available in the form of capsules. You can just get some of those capsules and break open two of them, add it in your sunscreen, and mix it up. By using this mixture of sunscreen lotion and Vitamin E, you can delay signs of aging, especially wrinkles! How? The UV rays of the Sun are very harmful to your skin, stripping it of its collagen and elastic properties. This effect of sun damage results in saggy, dull, and wrinkly skin. With Vitamin E, your sunscreen can fight off the UV rays better than before, thus, leaving you free to roam in the Sun without losing any years off your face!

2- Use it as a Moisturizer

Obviously, being an oil and a vitamin, Vitamin E has amazing moisturizing and moisture-protecting properties. You can break an ampule of Vitamin E and add it to your daily moisturizing lotion. Regardless of your skin type, moisturizers form a necessary part of the daily skincare regime (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize – you know that, right?), and including Vitamin E in this last step definitely has long-term benefits. It keeps your skin looking ‘glowy’ due to the oils in the magic vitamin. It forms a layer of protection to keep that moisture in your skin rather than just letting it dry up a few hours later, and lastly, it fights off many problems like itching, etc by keeping your skin well-nourished.

3- Combine it with Vitamin C for Skin Brightening

Well, skin color really does not matter, but an uneven skin tone just isn’t right. You know that, and you want to even out your skin tone. For that, natural remedies are the best way to go since you don’t want to be bleaching or tanning – *cough* burning *cough* – your skin too much. While Vitamin E does have skin brightening properties on its own by basically making the skin tone more ‘even’, it performs even better when it is applied in a combination with Vitamin C. Now, who doesn’t know the benefits of Vitamin C? Hence, mix up the two beauty vitamins and get a brighter, more even, glowing and healthy skin.

4- Turn it into Your Anti-acne Serum

By now you already know how good Vitamin E oil is at fighting off radicals and bacteria. What you don’t know is that it is also a great spot healing remedy for your acne and dark spots! However, do not use it too often or in too much quantity since it is an oil after all and may instead clog your pores resulting in more acne. Instead, just opt for getting an anti-acne cream that is concentrated with Vitamin E oil (or tocopherol, as mentioned before), and use that according to its prescribed instructions. Otherwise, you may opt for the Vitamin E capsules, break open one, and only dab a drop of it with your fingertips on your acne and dark spots. No matter how tempting it may be, don’t lather it all over your face, though!

5- Add it to Your Diet

We are through the concept of topical application of the magic vitamin, but what happens if you take it internally? Taking Vitamin E supplements is a subtle, slow, yet amazing method to transform your skin! In fact, taking Vitamin E supplements every night after your last meal can result in not only a firmer, healthier skin, but also flush antioxidants out of your system, regenerate your hair growth and scalp health, as well as make your nails stronger!

In short, if you are looking for an effective all-in-one magic ingredient to transform your skin and your overall appearance, Vitamin E oil is your genie in the bottle. However, avoid using any products, natural or not, without initial consultation from your doctor.