Getting a new puppy can be an exhilarating experience for the family. While you may not be able to wait to bring it home, it’s a good idea to plan for its comfort at home. This includes creating a place where the puppy can rest whenever it’s time for a nap as well as an area for feeding. Here’s how to go about creating these spaces for your new puppy so that they enjoy it when they get home.

Get Crafty

It’s always fun to get everyone together for an art project, even those who don’t necessarily feel as if they are naturally crafty. This is because there are many dog-friendly crafts that you can work on to make sure that you create a custom resting and feeding area for your new puppy. From throw pillows and beds to decor for use around their areas, you will find a number of potential projects that you can take up if you look online.

Most will have instructions that are easy enough to follow while others will actually have links to the materials you need as a plus. You may even find complete kits that will cover the project that you decide to work on and there will be no need for guesswork. You could even DIY a feeding bowl and decorate the storage container in which you will keep the dog food. Remember that you may choose to split the food that you give to your dog between two and three meals per day for your dog, depending on their feeding schedule.

Get Some Creative Toys

To make the area where your puppy will be resting a bit more fun for them, it’s a good idea to get some fun toys for them. These could be anything from plush toys and chew toys to puzzle toys. The first two will be great for playing with around the house with anyone who wants to be involved in the activity. As for the last, they can offer your puppy both physical and mental stimulation, keeping them busy all by themselves.

Some toys actually refill themselves and then give your puppy food based on a timer. This means that the puppy can play and still get food even if there’s no one around to do these things for them. In the end of it, it can be a handy tool that will help you and your puppy stay happy and well nourished at all times. You should of course still make time to take your puppy on walks and actually play with them as toys cannot be a full substitute for human love and affection. This is something that a majority of the 67% of American homes that have a pet should be well aware of.

Remember Storage

Finally, it’s important to have storage for your puppy’s food and toys so that they don’t get everywhere in the house and are also easy to retrieve when needed. For the food, it will be easier to store if you are among the 36% of dog owners who bought a brand of dry pet food for their pet in 2019. They did so according to recommendations from their vets, which you’re also advised to do.

With good storage that can be covered with a lid, you have an easier time keeping your pup’s food safe from pests and rodents as well. Think about the convenience and size of space that you have so that you can get the best storage options.

Use these ideas to create a unique space where your family’s new puppy can rest and eat. Doing this before the puppy comes home will make it a lot more convenient both for you and the puppy, so take the time to prepare.