Home maintenance is not only good for your home, but it is good for your safety. In 2017, about 20% of the 144.8 million emergency room visits were attributed to an injury. Injuries in the home are far more frequent than most people think. Slips, falls, and other injuries in the home can be avoided by a little home maintenance. Follow these tips to make your home a safer place to live.

The Things That Go Bump In the Night

Just about everyone has tripped over something in the middle of the night making their way to the bathroom. Loose flooring, clutter, and more can become deadly at night in the dark. A stubbed toe is enough to wake you up, but unfortunately, that is not the only thing that can happen when the flooring is not well maintained.

Loose tiles, uneven flooring, and carpet that has come undone, can all be the catalyst for disaster. Your home maintenance checklist should include making repairs to flooring before someone gets seriously hurt. Approximately 50% of Americans are married and living together. If the loose tiles and other flooring do not bother you, get the home maintenance done to keep your partner safe.

Loose banisters, faulty steps, and a broken light fixture can all spell disaster on that late-night bathroom break. Home maintenance to repair these catalysts for pain and suffering can help to reduce the risk of injury in your home.

Water Heater Maintenance and Fixtures

Keeping up with the home maintenance on your appliances like your water heater is an easy way to ensure safe operation for everyone in your household. It can be the simple fixes that have the biggest impact. For example, your water heater is outfitted with different rings to help prevent leaks. These rings can wear out over time. Replacing the O ring is a simple task, you simply stretch the ring out by 1.5%-2% and refit it.

Ensure that your water heater is set at an appropriate temperature to avoid burns. As a water heater starts to go bad, you will notice that the water temperature increases. The elements in the heater are not responding as they should. If your water heater temperature is not controllable you may have to replace it. Water heaters typically have a life span of about 15 years. Your home maintenance plan should include regular maintenance of the water heater and replacement as it gets closer to that 15-year mark.

HVAC Maintenance

It is important to add HVAC maintenance to your home maintenance checklist. While it is rare to be injured by a faulty HVAC system it is not uncommon at all for your HVAC system to make you and your family sick if it is not managed well. Replacing filters regularly on your HVAC system is not only good for your HVAC system it is good for the health of your family. If your household includes people that suffer with allergies ignoring HVAC home maintenance can be making them suffer more.

HVAC filters play two vital roles. They make it easier for your HVAC to circulate air and they help to keep debris and allergens from entering your home. It is an easy home maintenance task that should be done at least once a month. Put it on your list.

Address Water Problems

If you have a leaky basement, you should check your sump pump regularly as part of your home maintenance plan. Sump pumps ensure that water does not seep into the basement at catastrophic levels. If your basement is damp, investing some time in waterproofing the basement is a good idea.

Mold loves dark damp spaces. Mold can trigger respiratory problems when left unchecked. Keeping up with home maintenance in your basement can help to improve your family’s health.


Keeping your garage organized and tools out of the way can help you and your family to avoid injuries. Home maintenance should include regular organization of the garage and other areas where tools and equipment are kept.

Home maintenance is not just about keeping the value of your home up, it is about keeping your home a safe place for everyone to live. Avoid emergency room visits by maintaining your home. To stay on top of your home maintenance and keep yourself safe, reach out to a local handyman or specialist today!