It’s important to make sure that your teeth are in great health at all times. when your oral health is in good shape, your overall body health will benefit as well. If you’re not sure about the state of your oral health, read on. You’ll see some signs that should alert you if your teeth aren’t in great health.

You Haven’t Seen Your Dentist For a Long Time

If it’s been more than one year since you saw your dentist, this is one of the main signs that you may be in need of oral health care. It’s important to visit your dentist on a regular basis because doing this is going to help you uncover any oral health issues that you have. You can be sure that the 12% of adults aged 20 to 64 years old who haven’t been to the dentist in the past five years are likely to have oral health issues that they need help with. Rather than wait this long and potentially worsen issues that could be solved easily, it’s important for you to visit your dentist as frequently as you need to.

You Have Persistent Bad Breath

If you seem to have lingering bad breath no matter how many times you brush and floss, this is a sign of trouble. You may have an infection that’s causing bad breath, either in your gums or throat. Regardless of where it is, it’s important for you to seek treatment for it right away since delaying can leave your oral health in a worse state than it is right now. Your dentist may prescribe a treatment other than simply using mouthwash, which should set your oral health back on track.

You Need an Orthodontic Procedure

If you have crooked, broken, or even missing teeth, it’s a good idea to head to your dentist, or better yet, your orthodontist. They’ll advise you on the best way forward, which is likely to be a specific treatment. For example, according to Colgate, there are four types of dental bridges that you can get. These include cantilever bridges, traditional fixed bridges, implant-supported bridges, and resin-bonded bridges. Your orthodontist will let you know the type that you need if this is the treatment that you require.

You Have a Cavity

It’s generally easy for you to know if you have a cavity since they’re typically accompanied by toothache. There may also be a hole or crack in the afflicted teeth. Cavities worsen over time if left unattended, so you need to head to the dentist the second you suspect that you have a cavity. They can help you to remedy the cavity by cleaning out any infected tissue and sealing the remaining cavity so that the damage doesn’t worsen.

Your Oral Routine Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

Finally, if you don’t have a good oral health routine, it’s important for you to seek the help of your dentist. They could suggest a routine for you and also let you know about the best products to use. This is going to help you enjoy maintaining good oral health and hopefully keep away oral diseases and discomforts. Remember that some pharmacy-brand creams lose half of their capability at the six-month mark. This should help you when you head out to buy any product that you’re advised to get since you’ll be aware of the efficacy it has when you look at its date of production.

If you notice any of these signs on your teeth, it’s a sign that you need to head to your dentist right away. They’ll help you remedy it and you can get back to a state of stellar oral health, something that can give you a serious confidence boost.