Another day, another pimple? For some people, acne-free skin is just a dream. Having those zits pop up every other day is just demotivating every time you glance in the mirror. While every face is beautiful, a face full of acne does send a wave of dissatisfaction and insecurity over your heart. However, it does not have to be that way forever. A few changes in your skin-care routine can help you get rid of these little buggers soon!

Get an Acne-Prone Skin with These Easy Steps:

More often than not, oily skin is more prone to skin problems like acne. You obviously can’t change your skin type since it is determined by your DNA and external factors, but you can work on minimizing the causes of acne by following the below steps.

1- Use Gentle Cleansers

Many women make the mistake of using strong, harsh face washes or cleansers because they give a squeaky clean skin – temporarily! Instead of decreasing oil production, using cleansers that get rid of the skin of its natural oils results in increased oil production. Harsh cleansers dry out the skin and make it more vulnerable to bacteria that causes whiteheads, blackheads, and ultimately, acne.

2- Massage, But Don’t Exfoliate – Ever

Sounds surprising, right? You have heard all your life that exfoliation is an important part of a good skin-care routine, but exfoliating skin that is already breaking out will eventually disrupt the skin texture and cause more breakouts. Instead of using scrubs and exfoliators, opt for gently massaging the skin with your fingertips so that blood flow to the skin will keep your skin healthy, clean, and acne-free.

3- Use Products that Don’t Dry the Skin Out

If you have been buying ‘oil-free’ products in the hope that they are going to get rid of the oil and all the problems associated with it, you have been tricked. Really, most products that claim to be oil-free are just more drying. There are some products that you want to look for the next time you plan to shop: hydrating products, or products that have salicylic or lactic acids. A good example would be acne lotion by Arcona AM or PM.

4- Opt for Salicylic Acid instead of Benzoyl Peroxide

While benzoyl peroxide is a very effective treatment for acne, it causes extreme dryness to your skin and the peeling process is just a lot to handle for some people. A better and natural alternative would be salicylic acid. This is found commonly in willow bark, and has a great reputation as the healer of acne-prone skin as well as a cleanser for clogged pores. There are products that let you reap its benefits at a very low cost like Mychelle White Cranberry Cleanser.

5- Clean Your Make-Up Application Tools

Even if your brushes and sponges look completely clean on the outside – which I doubt they do, since make-up pigments are very visible on brushed and sponges – give them a weekly wash. A good home remedy to wash your brushes, sponges, puffs and all other make-up application tools is to soak them in a mixture of face wash, shampoo, and warm water, for about half an hour. You might add a pinch of baking soda in it, too, for intense cleaning. Then, gently rub them across a beaded surface or just squeeze out all the gunk from them under running tap water. Once you are done, leave your tools to dry before re-use.

6- Buy Make-up According to Your Skin

Just because your best friend used a certain product that looked gorgeous on her skin does not necessarily mean that it will suit your skin, too. Before buying make-up for yourself, identify your skin’s problems and how to battle them. Acne-prone skin just gets worse with layers of foundation, so it is better to use mineral foundation instead, which is more natural in its appearance and gentler in its effect.

7- Is Your Hair a Problem?

Hair is known to cause breakouts, which is why acne-prone skin usually has pimples or scars where the hair touches it most i.e. forehead and neck. The cause of this hair-driven acne might be found in your shampoo or other hair care products. Either keep your hair strictly away from your face, or change your shampoo to one that does not contain paraben or added fragrances.

8- Hands Off, Ladies!

There is no way you can ignore this step. In fact, even if you are following all the other steps and then finding your fingers touching your face, popping your zits, and squeezing your whiteheads, all your efforts will go to waste. Even though it is very habitual to keep touching your face, it only transmits more bacteria to the skin resulting in more acne.

While acne does not make you any less beautiful, it just does not feel good to have, and is a sign of clogged pores and unclean skin. Having an acne-prone skin does seem like an impossibility at times, but by following these steps, you will at least have a clearer, cleaner, and healthier skin than you have now.