There are specific gadgets that are must-haves for any home. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances, add convenience items to your living room, or take advantage of the latest in home security technology, investing in these items is a great way to improve your home’s value and make life easier.

1. Newer HVAC System

Your HVAC system is a significant energy consumer, and investing in an efficient model can save you money on your utility bills. According to the most recent results from the 2020 Residential Energy Consumption Survey, about 88% of U.S. households use AC. Look for the latest energy-efficient models with the highest SEER rating, as they offer superior cooling performance with more significant energy savings.

2. Smart Home Security System

A sound home security system is essential for keeping your home and family safe. Smart security systems allow you to monitor your home remotely, provide alerts when suspicious activity is detected, and even access live video streams. Investing in a comprehensive system will give you peace of mind and help ensure the safety of your home and possessions. In addition, some systems offer additional features, such as home automation, allowing you to control lighting and other appliances remotely.

3. Smart Appliances

Thanks to home automation, many of today’s smart appliances can help make life easier. According to current projections, over 150 million HVAC units will be sold in 2024, with some of them having smart capabilities. From smart thermostats to home automated lighting, consider investing in the latest technology to make life easier and save energy. A home hub is an essential device for building a smart home and can help you control all your connected devices from one central location.

4. Compost Bin

Many homeowners must realize animal fats, products, and food scraps can clog up sewer systems, leading to costly repairs. The EPA estimates half of all the 400,000 sewer blockages occur annually by grease. Invest in a compost bin and use it for your organic waste instead of sending it down the drain. A compost bin also makes an excellent addition to any garden or outdoor space, producing nutrient-rich soil for plants and flowers.

5. Baby-proof Furniture

If you have a little one on the way, investing in baby-proof furniture is important. Choose pieces that are sturdy and not easily toppled, like low-lying shelves and ottomans, to ensure your baby is safe. Invest in safety locks for drawers and cabinets and corner and edge guards to protect your child from sharp corners. Investing in soft, washable fabric for furniture your child will spend lots of time in, such as a crib or rocking chair is also a good idea.

6. High-Efficiency Washer & Dryer

A large portion of energy use in the home is from laundry. High-efficiency washers and dryers save you on utility bills, use less water, and have shorter cycle times. Investing in a high-efficiency model can help reduce your carbon footprint and save money over time. Look for models with energy-efficient settings and special cycles for a more efficient wash.

7. Invest in Quality Furniture

Invest in quality furniture for your living room, bedroom, and dining area to create an inviting atmosphere. Quality furniture lasts longer and looks better than cheaper pieces. High-quality materials such as natural wood, leather, or wool provide the perfect backdrop for any home. Other items like area rugs, pillows, and artwork can also help bring color and life to any room. Additionally, quality furniture is an excellent investment for resale value.

With so many options available, these are just a few items you should consider investing in as you build or improve your home to increase its value and make life more comfortable. From HVAC systems to intelligent appliances, compost bins to high-efficiency washers and dryers, and quality furniture for every room, investing in these items is a great way to improve your home’s value and make life easier.