An entrepreneur must keep their employees safe. When employees feel safe, it increases their employee retention rate. Workers are less likely to call off or complain about the company. Instead, employees will leave positive reviews and encourage others to work with you. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to realize that the same things that keep your employees safe will also keep your assets safe. Here are a few ways an entrepreneur can help their employees feel safe.

Install Security Systems

Security systems include cameras and alarms. When you install security systems, the business is less likely to suffer from property damage or theft. The FBI Uniform Reporting Crime Program states that there were more than 191 thousand property crime incidents in Tennessee. Over 70% of those crimes were classified as larceny-theft. When people see cameras and other security measures, they’re less likely to view your business as a target.

An entrepreneur might hesitate to install security systems because of the high cost, but the government is making it more affordable for businesses to install them. Security Info Watch Systems states that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act allows more businesses to claim a deduction for security services implemented after 2018.

Keep Your Parking Lot Well Lit

When burglars see a business, they look for lack of security systems and dark parking lots. That’s because businesses with dark parking lots are more accessible for thieves to rob and get away with it. You can’t capture a video of their face if there are dim lights in the parking lot or no security system. Even with a security system, you won’t get a good shot of their face without proper lighting. An entrepreneur who ensures that their business’s parking lot is well-lit with bright lights will prevent break-ins before they happen.

Be Mindful of Restraining Orders

When hiring new employees, it’s essential to ask if there are any restraining orders. After hiring employees, encourage them to speak with HR if there is an incident to ensure that the person they have a restraining order against is not allowed on the premises.

While it’s essential to ensure everyone feels safe, be mindful when working with women. Restraining orders can be against any gender, but a study in California found that almost three-quarters of restraining orders were put in place to protect women against men.

Prepare Employees During Training

Every employee should go through a training process after being hired. During this training process, ensure employees are educated on proper procedures to deal with potential crimes. These should include crimes against the business, such as theft or a break-in, and crimes against their person, such as threats or sexual harassment. Ensure that employees know to call 911 if they feel as though they are in danger.

Secure Outdoor Items at Closing Time

Many businesses utilize outdoor spaces during the day. Shops may place items on clearance on display outside. Outdoor seating areas utilize chairs and other accessories. Signage is another popular outdoor item that most businesses have. However, these items are more likely to be stolen in the middle of the night. If your business is stolen from, it can make employees feel unsafe when they return in the morning. Make sure that bringing items inside is a part of the closing procedure.

Always Have Two Employees

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to understand that your business should always have at least two employees working. During a robbery, one employee will be able to call local authorities. When unruly customers arrive, they are less likely to cause a problem if there are more employees in the store. It also makes employees feel safer if they are not dealing with chaotic situations alone. When making the schedule, always ensure that at least two employees are working every shift and have backup employees available in case someone calls off.

Keeping your employees safe is not only good for your employees, but it’s also good for your business. When your employees feel safe, expect them to show up regularly for work and enjoy the positive work environment. Likewise, when you protect your business, employees will feel safer. Contact us for more information today!