Your home should be in good health. If you don’t follow proper home maintenance routines or take care of it, the repairs required can be extensive. You might even need to replace expensive fixtures well before the end of their expected lifespan. If you are a homeowner and want to improve the health of your home, there are a lot of ways you can do so. Here are five of the best options to get you started.

Do a Remodel

About 80% of homes in the United States are over 20 years old. That means they likely need upgrades and remodeling. Depending on your budget, you can remodel your entire home or focus on one particular area. Bathrooms and kitchens are popular areas to remodel since you can make a major difference to your home while spending less money than you would be by moving to a new place. Consider the ways that your upgrades can make your home more durable and energy-efficient. Energy efficiency is very important to the health of your home.

Install Low Flow Fixtures

A healthy home is one where water isn’t wasted. One way to easily save water is by installing low-flow options wherever possible. Flushing toilets is the reason for 38% of the average home’s water usage. You can get low-flow showerheads, toilets, and more. While these options use less water, it is not always noticeable as you do home maintenance or go about your daily life. You’ll get the same cleanliness and sanitation that you would get with your older systems that required more water.

Open Windows on Nice Days

While this isn’t necessarily related to home maintenance, good airflow is important to your home’s health. It keeps the air quality inside better. It also helps provide a mood lift for its inhabitants. If you have long stretches of hot or cold weather, your home can get musty and dust can settle in. So open the windows for fresh air whenever you can.

Replace All Your Filters

There are filters all over your home. They include your oven, air conditioner, furnace, and more. So make sure that you’re cleaning and replacing these filters whenever necessary. The times will be different for each, so look them up. For instance, your furnace filter should be changed every 30 to 90 days. This will help you keep the air quality good. It will also extend the lifespan of these appliances, saving you a lot of money.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. However, it is important that you don’t use corrosive or toxic materials in your home. These can have a negative impact on both your health and the health of your home. Corrosive chemicals can eat away at the building materials for your home or belongings. This could eventually lead to severe damage. Look for cleaning materials that are made from natural sources and gentle while still being effective. You might need to shop around and compare your options, but the extra work is worth it when your home is healthier for it.

A healthy home is essential. You can keep your home healthy through regular maintenance and providing extra care when it is necessary. Get to know your home and all the appliances in it. If you know how to take care of them, you’ll be able to recognize when things are wrong. To get started, take these five tips into consideration. Apply each one to your own home and you’ll see good results. This will help you continue to work toward and maintain, a healthy home for yourself and your family.