According to a recent survey, 84% of Americans between 18 and 29 use social media regularly. This has led to a new era of social media influencers. If you’re looking to become a social media influencer, here are five things you can expect.

1. You’ll Have to Work Hard To Build Up Your Following

It takes a lot of time and effort to grow a social media following, so don’t expect it to happen overnight. You’ll need to post regularly, engage with your followers, and develop a voice that resonates with them.

It’s also important to be strategic about which platforms you focus on. For example, if you’re a fashion blogger, Instagram may be a better platform than Twitter. And don’t be afraid to experiment with different content types. Try creating tutorials, hosting Q&As, or doing product reviews. The more you put into your social media presence, the more you’ll get out of it. So be prepared to work hard and see results over time.

2. Not Everyone Will Like You

As a social media influencer, you will have both fans and critics. Not everyone will like what you do, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s healthy to have a mix of positive and negative feedback. Learn to take constructive criticism and ignore the trolls. And remember that not everyone will agree with you, and that’s okay. As long as you stay true to yourself, the negative comments won’t bother you.

However, you should also be aware that some fans or otherwise may develop obsessive behaviors, and they may even start stalking you. In fact, more than 233,000 women in Colorado have been victims of stalking, which just goes to show how prevalent the vice is. So be sure to keep your social media privacy settings high and watch out for any warning signs.

3. You’ll Have To Spend Money Creating Content

Content creation is a huge part of being a social media influencer, and it can be expensive. If you want to create high-quality content, you’ll need to invest in quality cameras, lighting equipment, and software.

You may also need to visit different locations and establishments that are in line with what you do. For example, a good number of social media influencers are food bloggers, and they have to spend significant amounts eating out. In fact, they are part of the reason why data shows that more Americans now spend more of their food budget eating out than on groceries (54.3% and 49.7%, respectively).

However, don’t shy away from these expenses. Just be sure to create a budget and stick to it. Also, take advantage of any freebies or discounts you can get from brands. Some brands are willing to provide products or services in exchange for a social media shout-out. Just be sure to disclose that you have received the product for free.

4. You’ll Have to Engage With Your Followers

In order to grow your following, you’ll need to engage with your followers. This means responding to their comments, answering their questions, and even reaching out to them.

It can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it. By engaging with your followers, you’re building relationships with them. And those relationships can lead to future collaborations, brand deals, and even sales. So be sure to make time for engagement. It may take a little bit of extra work, but it’s worth it in the end.

5. Some Brands Will Try to Arm-Twist You

As a social media influencer and/or entrepreneur, you’ll likely be approached by brands wanting you to promote their products or services. And while most brands are honest and upfront about what they want, some will try to arm-twist you into doing something you don’t want to do.

For example, they may ask you to post a positive review of their product even if you don’t like it. Or they may ask you to post something that’s not in line with your brand. When this happens, be sure to stand your ground. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, tell the brand no. You don’t have to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. Remember, you have the power as a social media influencer. Use it wisely. That way, you’ll maintain your integrity, and your followers will trust you.