Social media is an important part of marketing in modern businesses. That means that even if you aren’t tech-savvy, it’s still important to have your business represented on these sites. If you’re an entrepreneur who never goes online, here are some tips to help make social media less intimidating and more helpful.

Don’t Try to Be Everywhere

There are many social media sites available these days, with new ones popping up all the time. It might feel like you should be on all of them, doing your best to connect with every possible potential customer. However, this is a quick recipe for burnout. Research shows that content marketing can lead to about a 40% increase in revenue. You want to be strategic. Choose the social media networks that fit your company best. Consider your market and which sites you would fit best on. Focus on those ones. While you might miss out on potential traffic from other websites, this approach will help you develop your skills and connect more deeply with these potential clients.

Hire an Expert

If you don’t like social media and don’t understand how it works, you can hire an expert to help you with it. Hiring a social media expert does not need to be an enormous expense. Since 78.2 million workers in the United States are hourly employees, you’re likely to find someone you can pay by the hour to do this. Look for social media managers who have experience with businesses like yours. They’ll be able to customize a plan for you. Then you can either hire them to put it in place or do it yourself with their guidance. Either way, bringing in a pro will lead to better results.

Look Out for Scams

If you don’t spend time online, you might not realize how prevalent scams are. 65% of Americans who are online say they received at least one scam offer. This is why it’s so important to be cautious and research everything before accepting offers or paying anybody. Don’t click on any suspicious links and ask for help if you’re unsure about someone you’re talking to. This will make you less susceptible to scammers.

Be Polite

When you’re online, it might be difficult to remember there are people at the other ends of those user accounts. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur on social media, this is essential. If you’re rude or belligerent online, people will notice. They’ll connect your behavior with your business, putting your business at risk. After all, everything you post on social media is public and even if you erase it, there’s no guarantee it’s completely gone. Be polite and kind to others online. Not only is this just a good thing to do, but if people like you, they’ll be more inclined to come to your business.

Do More Than Just Sell

As you begin using social media, it might seem like a waste of time to do anything other than promote your services. However, social media requires you to do more than just spam your feed with your products. Engage with fellow users and provide them with valuable content. This will build trust and get you more followers. People don’t like to be constantly sold to. While you should promote your services, make sure that it isn’t the only thing you’re doing online.

If you’re an entrepreneur who never goes online, social media marketing might be very intimidating. However, adding it to your marketing plan can bring in a lot of new customers. Take your time learning how to do it, keeping these tips in mind as you get started!