As you consider your future, think about looking into a blue-collar career. A blue-collar career is generally more physical than an office job. While there are benefits and disadvantages to any type of career, including blue-collar jobs, it is important to know what you could get out of it. As you think about your next steps in life, here are some reasons to consider a blue-collar job.

Job Security

Blue-collar careers include doing practical things that people will always need. Jobs like plumbers and electricians are always in demand and those skills are valuable. This means that you’re likely to have very strong job security. For instance, the fencing market in the US was valued at 8.3 billion dollars in 2019 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 4.9% between 2020 and 2027. This high demand means lots of jobs. If you want the lifestyle that comes with consistent job security, consider a blue-collar career.

Trade School Options

While all education is expensive, trade school is cheaper and faster than most college careers. This means that it will take you less time and money to get into the job market with valuable skills. Trade school is an investment. You’ll have to pay for the training you receive. However, the cheaper tuition means that you’ll either spend less money or take out fewer student loans. This will give you an advantage as you start your career.

Learn Valuable Skills

All blue-collar jobs include skills that are valuable to society. These skills are what build infrastructure and keep systems running. As you train for a blue-collar career, you’re learning valuable skills. If you work with asphalt, you are among the people keeping the roads and highways safe for everybody to use. About 80% of removed asphalt is reused in highway applications of some type. Blue collar workers are the ones that do this work. It keeps people safe and society moving.

Stay In Shape

Blue-collar careers are more physical than many other jobs. While it can be tiring, it is also a way to stay in shape with minimal effort. When you work a more sedentary job, it is easy to neglect to move around since you’re so busy during the day. However, this puts you at risk of weight gain and health issues. If you’re doing blue-collar work, you’re likely moving around a lot during the day. Depending on your job, you’re possibly also doing a lot of lifting. This means you’re getting in a lot of exercise while on the clock. You don’t need to worry about squeezing in time to go to the gym afterward unless you want to. A blue-collar career can be a great foundation for an active lifestyle.

Feel Accomplished

When you work a blue-collar job, you see the direct results of your hard work. It might be a building you were part of constructing, or it could be knowing people are benefiting from your work. For instance, all of the propane consumed in the United States is produced in North America. There is so much propane that ten billion gallons are exported every year. If you work in the propane industry, you know just how lucrative this business can be. As you look into jobs, consider how satisfying they will be to you. A blue-collar career can provide a lot of satisfaction.

Blue-collar careers aren’t always glamorous, but they can provide you and your family with a good lifestyle. Job security, good pay, and ongoing health can be very appealing as you consider your options. As you think about where you want your future to lead you, keep these reasons to consider a blue-collar career in mind.