5 Common Causes of Home Water Damage

Water damage can wreak havoc on your home. Even the smallest leaks can grow into a major problem. With issues like mold and structural damage as possibilities, you want to be sure that you avoid water damage as much as possible. Here are some common causes of water damage you should look for in your home.

1. Faulty Appliances

If you have old or broken fixtures and appliances in your home, they could contribute to water damage. Old toilets and faucets can very easily become leaky, sending water into the cracks and crevices of your home. According to Plumbing Manufacturers International, 13.7% of water use is due to leaks. These leaks can cause major problems. If you’re noticing water in your home, you need to check your appliances for leaks. Upgrading to newer options might solve your problems quickly.

2. Roof Damage

If your roof is damaged, it can let in water. Rain and snow can get in through the cracks, leading to water damage and mold in your attic. You should inspect and maintain your roof regularly. Repairs are expensive, but replacing your roof can be even worse. Before you buy a home, you’ll want to inspect the roof. According to HomeLight, FSBO properties sell for roughly 6% less than homes sold by agents. This might seem like a deal, but you’ll want to get an inspection. That way, you know about any roof damage before it becomes your responsibility. If you make sure your roof is watertight, you won’t need to worry about leaks from there.

3. Burst Pipes

Your plumbing is responsible for getting water in and out of your house. This means there is regular water running through the pipes that travel through your home. If these pipes burst, it can be a serious situation. In the United States, 14,000 experience a water damage emergency at home or at work each day. Burst pipes will flood your home with water, constituting an emergency. You need to maintain your pipes and make sure they stay at a temperature warm enough to prevent freezing. If you suspect any problems with your pipes, get a plumber in to help you with them. Burst pipes are an emergency and the water damage that results from them can be extremely dangerous for your home and your family.

4. Weather

The weather can cause water damage to your home. Not only can rain and snow gets in through your roof, but they can also get in through any cracks in your foundation. Basements frequently flood, which can lead to water damage. While you can’t control the weather, you can be aware of any flooding issues that regularly occur in your basement. This will help you prepare accordingly and avoid as much damage as possible.

5. Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner can also cause water damage in your home. If the unit isn’t functioning properly, you may end up with water leaking out of it. If this water leaks outside, then it isn’t an emergency, though you should get it repaired promptly. However, the water can leak inside the house as well. This can lead to mold growth and water damage if it isn’t treated quickly. Check your air conditioners regularly when you’re using them. This will help you catch any problems or water flooding that you might not otherwise be aware of.

Water damage is common, but it can be difficult to deal with. Mold can cause health issues and structural issues might make your home unstable. If you have a home, you need to be aware of these common causes of water damage. Then you’ll be prepared to catch problems before they grow.