Motherhood is an amazing thing, but it can be even better if you know how to take care of your kids easily. Doing this will give them the chance to grow into healthy and successful individuals, and they’ll likely look back on their childhood and thank you for the effort they made when they get older. That said, here are five basic tips that should help you take care of your kids.

1. Teach Them About Proper Handwashing

Washing hands plays an important role in helping keep the spread of germs to a minimum. This makes it worth your while to teach your children how to wash their hands and when to do so. When they become good at it, they’ll have a lower chance of catching a number of common diseases including the common cold. This will help them stay safe even when they’re out of your sight, for instance, at summer camp. This is true for the 30% of adults in the United States who said that they had plans to send or had already sent their children to summer camp that same year.

2. Feed Them Healthy Food

Another important tip for you is to cook healthy meals for your children. Instead of eating takeout for the majority of the time, get into the habit of cooking your own meals. This will allow you to pick the best and healthiest ingredients for your meals. With a meal plan, you can diversify the food you make for your kids and make it more palatable and enjoyable for them. Doing this will give them the chance to grow healthy and lower the risk of opportunistic childhood diseases as well as deficiencies.

3. Ensure that They See a Dentist Regularly

Your kid’s oral health is important enough for you to prioritize it and make sure that it’s maintained. Doing this involves taking them to the dentist for regular visits. At home, help them form a healthy oral care routine that will see them maintain a bright and healthy smile. Do this with the knowledge that 42% of children between the ages of two and 11 have had a case of dental caries in their primary teeth.

4. Get Them on a Good Sleep Schedule

Good sleep is important for proper development, so you need to ensure that it’s easy for your children to rest well and long enough. You can do this by putting them on a routine that allows them to wind down towards the end of the day and so fall asleep more easily at night. Cut back on screen time in the evening so that they have an easier time unwinding and falling asleep, and they can grow a lot healthier as a result.

5. Take them to a Good School

Last but not least, make sure that they have a chance of enjoying a bright future ahead by putting them in a good school. Research widely to find out the best school based on their needs and abilities. Stay involved in their education and they’ll be motivated to work extra hard. Don’t worry about the details when you find a school that ticks a majority of your boxes. For instance, note that 18.7% of students in Catholic schools aren’t Catholic. If you find a Catholic school that you love, don’t let this one factor deter you.

With these five basic tips, you should be able to ease the stress of motherhood. Give your children the chance to thrive by making an effort to set them up well from the start. As they get older, they’ll appreciate the hard work that you put in and they may be the better for it.