Motherhood isn’t easy, and if you’re a single parent, it can be really tough. Raising a child on your own is challenging, and raising a child who needs extra care can be even more difficult. Unfortunately, that is the reality for many mothers these days, as the actual percentage of U.S. marriages that end up in divorce is between 40% and 50%.

If you’re a mom who has a child with ADHD, you may feel overwhelmed by your situation. Helping your child reach their full potential will be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. While there are many struggles you’ll face with your child, there are ways of overcoming them and this article will guide you in the right direction. Follow the four strategies shared here to help you be the best mom you can be as you raise your child to be the person they’re meant to be.

ADHD can be diagnosed in both boys and girls, though boys are more likely to have it than girls. About 12.9% of boys have ADHD, with only 5.6% of girls being diagnosed with it. Whatever the case in your home, these strategies can be used for both boys and girls.

1. Give Clear Instructions

A child with ADHD may find it hard to focus or complete tasks, but you can make it a little bit easier for them by giving them instructions that are clear. When giving the instructions, be sure to make eye contact with your child, or gently touch their shoulder or arm to ensure you have their full attention.

The instructions should be brief and simple, and giving short commands at a time could be the easiest way to get your child to do what they must. Avoid giving your child various tasks at once. Give them one thing to do at a time. When asking questions, don’t make them wordy, and get to the point as quickly as possible.

2. Give Rewards and Praise

Giving a child with ADHD a nice reward for good behavior will help them feel more motivated to finish a task or do a chore. In many cases, children with ADHD experience a lot more criticism than their peers. Giving them praise will make them feel special and appreciated, and also help build their self-esteem.

3. Establish Healthy Habits

Give your child the best chance at a high-quality life and have healthy habits that you make part of your daily lives. Chances are that your child is on medication for ADHD, so help them follow a routine that is easy to follow and ensures they always take the medicine. Also, you need to make sure your child follows a healthy diet and gets enough sleep.

4. Make Chores a Rewarding Routine

Doing homework and chores isn’t fun for any child, and a child with ADHD will find it less appealing than most. To work around this, develop routines for the most important chores and homework every day. Making a checklist will ensure your child gets all the important things done, so it’s a good idea to encourage your child to follow a planner and reward them for doing so.

Life for a single mother can be difficult and although motherhood can be rewarding, it’s the toughest job any person can do. With roughly about 75% of children from divorced parents ending up with the mother, the difficult task of raising an ADHD child will most likely fall on the mother’s shoulders. Implementing these strategies can help you as you navigate raising your child.