Your home’s bathroom is one of the most important spaces to keep in good shape. This is because it’s used a lot and can impact the value of the entire house. If you’re planning on a home renovation project and need some motivation on why you should prioritize the bathroom, read on. Outlined are four benefits you can enjoy from renovating your bathroom.

1. You Could Make it More Modern

A bathroom renovation is an amazing project to take on because it can help you modernize the space. This is especially the case if you’ve not updated the bathroom of your home in a number of years. You can make the update as minimal or extensive as you like as long as you get the results that you want. With roughly 480,600 licensed plumbers in the United States, according to Comfy Living, you should have an easy time finding a plumber to help you renovate your bathroom if you need one. If you make improvements that involve moving pipes and drains, then you have to enlist the help of a plumber in order to avoid doing any damage.

2. You Can Fix Leaks

When renovating your bathroom, you can fix any leaks in the space. This is an important thing to do since it can help you make your home considerably more sustainable. It will also help you lower your water bills over time and you can make considerable savings as a result. According to Plumbing Manufacturers International, up to 13.7% of the water used is because of leaks. This is a lot of water, and it may be lost from small drips from fixtures such as the shower and faucet. That said, it’s important for you to inspect the bathroom and fix any leaks that you see during your renovation project.

3. You Can Refresh Its Appearance

A bathroom renovation can help you refresh the way your bathroom looks. This is especially if you paint it, which, if done with the right prep, should last between 10 and 20 years. Take it a step further and change the knobs on the door and cabinets as well. These small cosmetic improvements should help you get a more aesthetically pleasing space. The best part about these minimal aesthetic improvements is that you can actually do them yourself. If you decide to paint the bathroom afresh, pick good quality paint that won’t develop issues owing to the humidity and temperature changes in the bathroom.

4. You Could Make It More Accessible

Finally, a bathroom renovation can help you to make the bathroom a more accessible space. This will prove welcoming to people who have mobility issues. In case a family member or yourself suffers from an illness or an accident that causes you to develop issues with mobility, you’re bound to appreciate the updated bathroom a lot. Some of these upgrades include getting a low-rise toilet and showers that are easier to turn on and off. A slip-proof floor will also serve as a preventative measure and make it less likely that you may slip and fall while using the bathroom. Last but not least, adding grab bars strategically around the bathroom will enable people to use it reasonably more independently, something that they’ll be happy about.

These four benefits you can enjoy when you renovate your bathroom should motivate you to renovate yours. You could work on one improvement at a time or save up and do everything that you need to do at once. Whichever way, you’ll have a more beautiful and functional space as well as a more valuable home.