Keeping your family and property safe is high on the list of priorities for any homeowner and it’s good to stay well-versed in how you can get this done. Let’s see some practical ways in which you can protect both your home and belongings from theft.

Install an Alarm

One of the easier things to do is to install an alarm for your home which will go off in case of unauthorized entry. This can be set up for the trip in case either a window or door is unlocked without a security key or password. With a security alarm system in place, you can be sure of having peace of mind whether you’re indoors or not because in case of anything, the alarm will go off. This will alert neighbors, and it may also send a call to local emergency services who will have a routine of dealing with such cases. Most would-be criminals will be hesitant to continue with their mission once an alarm goes off as they know that if caught, they may be charged with anything from a misdemeanor to a felony. The exact charge will be based on the dollar amount that the crime involves and not many burglars will want to risk finding out what they will be charged with once they’re caught.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Another tip is to ensure that all your valuables are always kept out of sight. With the market size for online jewelry and sales set to reach $7.6 billion in 2021 in the U.S., it’s clear that there’s a lot of demand for these items. Don’t tempt potential criminals by leaving your jewelry and expensive equipment where it will be easily seen from outdoors. Install shades and curtains, always keeping them drawn when you’re indoors and the lights are on. When would-be criminals have no idea of what’s in your house, they won’t be as motivated to try breaking into your house.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Another thing that will improve the safety of your home is to install outdoor lighting. You can set up motion-activated lights which will only turn on when they sense motion within a certain radius. These will keep your home safe while also saving you from using valuable energy as the lights won’t need to constantly stay on. Also, find out if you can have a solar-powered option and use LED lights to make even more savings. Since thieves won’t like not having a place to hide out near your house to plan their break-in, they will be a lot less likely to try and break into a home that is adequately lit at all times of the day and night.

Set Up Surveillance Systems

Finally, it’s also a good idea to install security cameras around your home. Their presence alone is great for discouraging people with ill motives from getting near your home. This is because they know there will be a higher likelihood for them to get caught, and with a possible seven years of imprisonment or a maximum fine of $15,000, they won’t want to take the risk of being identified while committing a crime. If the amount involved in the crime exceeds $1,000 or the stolen item is a firearm or a motor vehicle, the same charge applies.

With the tips above, you can secure your home and ensure that you’re safe at all times. Let your family know the safe practices to follow so you can enhance the safety in your home. When you all work together towards the common goal of improved safety, you will be better able to realize it.