As a writer, you may find yourself facing a case of writer’s block, whether you write at home or in the office. In this state, you’ll find it extremely hard to put forth anything productive. That said, you can take some steps to unlock your creativity and get back to your life as you were used to it. Here are three suggestions to help you do this, as well as some creative topics to write about.

1. Reorganize Your Workspace

You may find that sitting in your office feels mundane and monotonous to you, leaving you feeling listless and unable to do much. This may have a role to play in your current state, so you should think about reorganizing your workspace. Whether it’s a home office or an external office, there are things you can do to change its state. Even if it’s a minor change such as changing the lighting setup and adding some decor, it will feel refreshing. You could also invest in an official outfit for work and see the impact it has on your mood when you go to work or to an official function where you may get a chance to explore your creativity. A custom suit can cost between $800 and $1,800, so keep this in mind if you go shopping for attire.

2. Read

As a writer, you may get inspiration from reading. Different people may be drawn to different kinds of writing, so reach for what will feel the most fulfilling to you. You may come across interesting information. For instance, reading about home maintenance and lawn care may provide you with new techniques to help you care for your space. An example of this may be hydroseeding, which is the most affordable, highest quality, and fastest method by which you can practice erosion control and landscaping. With hydroseeding, grass should start to grow in a mere seven days, while the lawn will take between three and four weeks to be well established. Learning about new, unique topics can help inspire your own ideas.

3. Set a Routine

Finally, come up with a routine and do your best to stick to it. If you already have a routine but you find it hard to keep up with it, you should consider changing it. Doing this may give you an easier time keeping up with your daily life. For instance, you may need to visit your orthodontist, since one out of three orthodontic patients are actually adults. Your regular treatment schedule shouldn’t interfere with your working schedule. If things like this keep coming up, change things until you find what works best.

Interesting Blog Topic Ideas

After you get back on track, you should think of writing about a few interesting topics. The topic that you choose should be as easy or as challenging as you wish, as long as it gives you a rush to research and write about. Some interesting topics to think about include recipes. If you love cooking or writing about it, this should be a natural fit for you.

Another interesting writing project could be creating a guide. This may be a great option if you feel that you have an extensive amount of knowledge on a particular subject. Make it as detailed and as helpful as possible so that the people who come across it can learn something that they may not have previously known.

You could also write about travel. Many people enjoy traversing the globe, but not all get the opportunity to. If you’re one of those who have been lucky enough to travel a bit, you may want to wow readers with your tales. Offer safe and affordable traveling tips as well, since these may be extremely sought-after.

Try these tips out and see if you will overcome your writer’s block. It may be easier than you think, so give each of the tips above a try and remember what works for you so you can rely on it in the future.