If you love to wear jewelry regularly, it goes without saying that you want to take the best care of it so you can have it for a longer time. Read the three tips below to help you enjoy having your jewelry for a long time to come while it looks its best.

Clean Jewelry Regularly

Regular and thorough cleaning of your jewelry is an important part of keeping it in a good state at all times. This is because clean jewelry will look good at all times, maintaining its shine and amazing quality. Regular and thorough cleaning of your jewelry will also make it possible for you to spot any potential issues it may have and deal with them. Things like loose stones and corroded sections in the chain will be visible and the best part is that these are things you can have remedied.

You will also keep your jewelry in an amazing state and avoid it getting a buildup of grime which may cause it to either make you sick or not fit you right. This means that something like a ring may get stuck, in which case you shouldn’t panic or pull hard, but should submerge your hand in ice-cold water for 10-20 seconds. Remove your hand and try to wiggle the ring up and down to get it off your finger. Scenarios like this and more can be avoided by maintaining clean jewelry that will be easy to wear well.

Store Jewelry Well

Another step you should take to ensure that your jewelry stays beautiful and wearable for a long time to come is to store it well whenever you’re not wearing it. Find the right material and method to store different types of jewelry, as there’s a good chance that different types of jewelry will have different needs for storage. You should buy the right jewelry storage boxes that will hold each piece of jewelry you have, and searching online is a great way to do so. More than 90% of people never go beyond the first page of search results, and you may also find something worthwhile without having to search too much.

Keeping your jewelry organized is an amazing way to ensure that it doesn’t tangle and that different materials don’t interact to cause a negative reaction. Look on craft websites for the best ideas for storing your jewelry and you will be likely to find something that’s perfect for your needs and space.

Don’t Expose Jewelry to Potentially Corrosive Environments

Finally, it’s important to do your best to keep your jewelry safe from corrosive environments. From harsh lotions and hand sanitizers to chlorine in swimming pools and salt in seawater, you will do well to save your precious pieces from harsh environments. With swimming being the fifth most popular activity for people in the United States, you may feel like it’s a bother to have to constantly remove your jewelry before you get in the water, for instance, but it will save your jewelry.

Get a handy purse or container that you can carry with you at all times so that when you have to take your jewelry off, you have a place to keep it. This should be different from the storage solution you use at home, which may be bulkier and more hectic to carry around. Something as simple as a foldable piece of soft velvet will suffice since you will likely not be wearing more jewelry than can fit in it at any one time.

These tips should help you keep your jewelry in an amazing state for a long time to come, despite wearing it regularly. You will also avoid losing parts of them or having them get destroyed altogether.