Business owners constantly look for ways to streamline their operations and get more done with less. After all, enterprises that optimize their resources are likely to succeed in the competitive commerce world. Productive businesses report increased profits, lower production costs, and enhanced customer relations. Improving productivity is not hard, and changes in operational processes and labor relations can increase it substantially. Below are three tips for you and your employees to increase productivity.

1. Create a Safe Workplace

A safe work environment improves health, job satisfaction, and work participation and reduces absentee rates. It also increases productivity by offering employees a sense of security and well-being while lowering injury and illness. In this workplace, employees are comfortable when working, thus producing more output in less time and with fewer resources.

Creating a safe workspace requires business owners to implement measures that prevent accidents and injuries. They include providing safety railings in necessary places, securing rugs and floor coverings, and investing in proper lighting. With eight million people needing emergency care due to injuries sustained from falls in 2019, entrepreneurs should take precautions to prevent workplace falls. They should ensure spills and other messes are cleaned immediately and eliminate tripping hazards in walkways.

Signage plays a vital role in promoting workplace safety. Safety standard signage warns workers, visitors, and customers of hazards, danger areas, exit routes, and the location of safety equipment. For example, caution or wet floor signs can alert people on slippery surfaces, increasing safety and reducing liability. Notably, consider signage for your business since it lures customers, offers clear communication, and increases brand awareness. In fact, signage attracts half of all customers entering a business.

2. Reduce Employee Stress

Employee stress is a significant problem facing businesses worldwide. It has adverse effects on employee health as well as productivity. Fortunately, an entrepreneur can implement stress busters to reduce employee stress levels and their negative implications. First, introduce stress-relieving activities like walking, yoga, positive messaging, lunch breaks, or an office pet.

Second, implement an open door policy, whereby employees can talk to their supervisors and managers about work-related issues and concerns. If you are the manager, be approachable so workers can share their concerns with you. Third, use natural light, plants, and colors to create a comfortable work environment.

Fourth, let employees set their own schedules to work when most productive. Lastly, compliment and appreciate employees regularly. Employees are likely to work harder when they know their effort is recognized. Importantly, avoid micromanaging employees — give them space to perform their duties.

3. Provide Appropriate Technologies

Technology is a big game changer for not only productivity but job satisfaction and employee morale as well. An entrepreneur must ensure that his workers have the necessary technologies to handle different tasks and save time, effort, and resources. Depending on your industry and unique business needs, you require technologies such as computers, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, accounting software, online data storage, cell phones, and artificial intelligence. Some businesses may require productivity software like Excel, word processors, and Google Sheets to streamline workflow and collaborate with others.

Apart from purchasing the necessary technologies, business owners should inspect, maintain, repair, and replace them as needed. For instance, computers require regular cleaning, updating the operating systems, running antivirus scans, protecting with padding, and organizing data. Similarly, supporting technologies, including printers, faxes, telephones, and routers, should be well maintained and any issues addressed. Faulty technologies are a productivity thief, with IT teams using 15% of their time tackling printing issues.

Productivity is vital to a business’s profitability, competitiveness, and success. With numerous ‘productivity hacks’ online promising to help entrepreneurs get more done in less time, it can be daunting to determine the effective ones. The best measures create a conducive working environment and provide employees with the necessary technologies to perform their roles. Use the tips above to boost your and your workers’ productivity for greater profitability and ROI.