No matter what your lifestyle is like, there’s a good chance that you will spend a significant portion of your life on the road. Unfortunately, many people drive unsafely on the road without even realizing it, including unfocused or distracted driving while texting or looking at their phone. Keep reading to learn more about why safe driving is so essential and how it can protect you and others when handled properly.

1. Protects the Lives of Others

Safer driving helps to minimize potential injuries or deaths to you or others. For example, getting a cab or calling a friend when having even a few drinks is critical to public safety. About 1.8% of the 26+ million drivers in California admit to drinking too much. If you make the commitment to avoid drunk, fast, or unfocused driving, you can avoid becoming a statistic or ruining the lives of other people. That’s a huge benefit that not only reduces your risk of hurting other people but avoids the serious guilt that may linger if you hurt someone.

Even if you only cause a minor injury that doesn’t affect a person for too long, knowing that you caused an accident and hurt a person can be hard to handle emotionally. Killing someone, even if you don’t go to jail for it, will be particularly difficult to process and create many emotional issues.

2. Avoids Potential Lawsuit Situations

A severe crash with injuries is likely to result in lawsuits, fines, and even jail time, depending on the situation. These health problems can vary depending on the situation, with the three most common injuries being broken bones, concussions and whiplash, and soft tissue injuries.

However, severe paralysis, loss of limb, and even death may all occur in car crashes. Those injured by your unsafe driving can sue you and get heavy financial compensation. That’s not even taking into account the risk of potential jail time that you might experience when pulled over for driving dangerously.

That situation is often complex and can be a difficult scenario for both the arresting officer and the individual being arrested. You may have to then face the dual threat of civil and criminal cases, which can be confusing to prepare for and require you to work with a legal professional.

3. Avoid Fines and Jail Time

It’s a nightmare situation for many people: getting arrested after causing a car accident while driving unsafely. This legal situation can be fraught with expensive fines and jail time, so driving safely is critical. Following driving laws, driving defensively, and avoiding distractions can keep you safe.

It also reduces your risk of complications with arresting officers. After all, officers in the state of California must be at least 21 years old. Many civilians being taken into custody are closer to that age and may be uncertain of how to interact with older people. It’s possible that either party could act aggressively if they aren’t careful.

Therefore, it is best to just drive safely to avoid the risk of altercations with the police. Doing so not only helps protect you but also avoids impacting the officer’s life. It can also minimize complications with your lifestyle, such as having to spend time in prison after fighting with a police officer. Though a fight is not incredibly likely, safer driving minimizes the risk entirely.

If you or someone you love is arrested after causing an accident while driving unsafely, it is critical to reach out to a lawyer to get legal help. No matter your lifestyle, there should be a professional available who can help you understand your lawsuit, provide meaningful legal advice, and protect you. Reaching out to a professional right away after an accident can help you prepare your case for success.