As an entrepreneur that has a product to sell, it is very important that you know where to advertise your products. Moving in the right direction will ensure that you find success with your business. There are three great ways to promote your product that can be applied to any product.

1. Social Media

Advertising your products on social media is like talking to friends about something you believe in. About 69% of Facebook users alone report they made a purchase based on something they saw on Facebook, according to Market Watch. Social media is a very powerful advertising tool for any entrepreneur.

Using social media to reach your audience is affordable, simple, and has a wide sweeping range. Building a social media presence for your brand is one of the quickest ways to find success as an entrepreneur.

Of course, you will need to know what platforms to use to reach your audience. There are marketing agencies that can provide you with support. Working with a marketing firm will help you to better understand which social media platforms will reach your target audience the quickest. Some products will do well on one platform and not others. You do not want to waste time focusing on a platform that is not really the best for your product.

2. Direct Mail

Direct mail is the entrepreneur’s friend. Direct mailers allow you to use key messages. According to AMI, key messages can be a single message or up to 100 messages about your business or product that are agreed to be the most crucial messages you want to send your audience. Direct mail is a great way to introduce your business and your product line.

You can use this advertising method for any product or service. An attention-grabbing statement on the mailer can help get responses. For example, if you are selling garden hoses, the heading can be “a garden hose has a life expectance of about ten years, according to the National Hose Manufacturers Association,” then you can announce the life expectancy of your garden hose.

Attention-grabbing statements will draw your target audience in and get them curious about what you have to offer. Here is another example that you could use if you sell fire protection equipment. “According to the NFPA, every 24 seconds there is a fire in the United States that fire departments have to respond to.”

3. Pay Per Click

First, you need a website where you will sell your product/s, then you need a PPC setup. Pay-per-click advertising is a good tool to use when you first launch your website because it is one of the easier ways to drive traffic to your website and, ultimately, to your products. PPC advertising can be simple to set up and can be affordable.

With this type of advertising, you do not pay unless you are getting traffic to your site. As an entrepreneur, you will work with other entrepreneurs that have websites that are in your niche. Basically, you will use these sites to advertise your products. When a visitor clicks on the ad, they will be taken to your website. The “affiliate” site gets paid for every click. If that does not sound like a good deal, then you can opt for other models of the same structure. For example, you can do a PPS model. PPS or pay per sale is used less than PPC. Some affiliates are not in love with the idea of only being paid if someone buys something.

These three advertising tactics that you find listed here have been proven effective. Try one or all three to get the word out about your product.