Getting to be fit and healthy is a choice you have to make. Bad habits have to be dropped and you have to scrutinize subconscious choices that you make daily.

To get you on the path to your ideal body health, here is a list of the top ten habits of fit and healthy women:

Breakfast – The Most Important Meal

Healthy women consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. It provides energy that powers the metabolism going on throughout the rest of the day. Fit women don’t start their day without eating their breakfast.

However, to ensure optimal body health, you have to consume a nutritious meal as your breakfast. Avoid foods with only high sugar content. Those ones cause more harm than good.


Protein is the class of food that helps with muscle growth and recovery. A lot of women get eating wrong and avoid consuming proteins. This just reduces their muscle mass and affects their body health. Healthy women eat properly and even reported that protein helps staves off cravings. Learn how to make smart dietary choices and include protein in your daily meal intake.

Breaking Up Daily Meal

Healthy women don’t just limit their feeding to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They eat more than 3 times daily. It should be noted that this is done healthily. Most fit women out there snack in between meals. They reduce the number of their major meals and take healthy snacks in between. As a working woman who strives to look after her health, this approach could be applied to your meal intake.


One of the first approaches to improving women health is to avoid calorie drinks. These are drinks that supply energy in the form of calories but have no nutritious value. Stop consuming calorie drinks and join healthy women who have replaced these drinks with healthier choices. As a working woman, the urge to take coffee is always there. However, to strive for a fit and healthy body, you have to restrict your intake of caffeine.


The pressure of the job may drive you as a working woman to the edge. In fact, you could be losing sleep or not sleeping enough. Sleep deprivation affects a natural body cycle known as the circadian rhythm. The disruption of this rhythm is known to have an adverse effect on body health. It is an established fact that it causes weight gain and obesity.

Also, not getting enough sleep will get you cranky and irritable. Women tend to make a bad dietary decision when they are cranky. Healthy women know to sleep properly and right, and allow the body to recover and heal.


There is rarely a healthy woman that you will find who doesn’t exercise. These women find ways to exercise on most days. They switch the routines and plans to ensure the recovery of muscles and exercise every body part. You don’t have to go to the gym every day. There are simpler ways to exercise your body. A great example is dancing


It is understandable that as a working woman, there might be little or no time left for recreation and exercise. This doesn’t mean that all working women are unhealthy and not fit. How do healthy women achieve their body health goals?

A lot of healthy women have had to get creative in order to exercise their body. There have been countless stories of women finding ways of doing simple exercises like the bicep curl in unexpected situations. A brisk walk around the office during lunch break is a simple way of exercising your body. Get creative and find out what works for you.


Laughter relieves stress. Stress just like sleep disruption is documented to have a lot of adverse effects on the body. Healthy women find things and situations that make them happy thus, releasing pent up stress and staying healthy.


Healthy women don’t avoid treating themselves to what they want. They don’t feel guilty over gobbling down a couple of chocolate bars. What they do is restrict the intake of these treats. They don’t place it off-limits. What they do is to approach these items like the treats they are and consume them occasionally.


A wise woman knows to seek balance in her actions. To be fit and healthy, you have to seek a work-life balance that supports your body’s health while keeping your productivity.